Outcomes are what happen when powerful, proprietary marketing technology and proven business acumen are skilfully blended with insightful creative ideas and comprehensive media capabilities.
We help our clients to scale and save. To manage
risk and reward. To go from challenger to champion.
To sell their products more profitably to more


We are producers of series, mini-series and TV films that enthral audiences.Our keywords are Emotion, Suspense and Empathy, Romance , Comedy , Cultural Our Objective is our Viewer’s Addiction. 

Documentaries immersed in the real world, engaging genuine people, telling universal stories.Our mission is to convey facts and reinstate emotions, using a variety of styles for all audiences and all media…Explore the past and better shape the future


            What Makes Us Different?

  2. Grow Businesses
  3. We accelerate tomorrow’s vision by unlocking
  4. business potential today. 
  • Brand Strategy ,Growth Strategy,Digital Strategy,Culture Strategy Channel Strategy, Market Research.


NALANDA EVENTS With our incredibly high standards, creativity, and experience ,Nalanda team will always exceed your expectations .We combine your big ideas with our professionalism, add a generous dash of innovation, and then bring all the details together, using our thorough and methodical approach. The result is a fantastic and memorable event of exceptional quality.


Group’s mission is to support wide-ranging
artistic exploration and acclaimed performances in theatre, dance,music and entertainment. Nalanda Theatre Group’s celebrated aims to reflect the history of the Indian theatre.They represent a priceless cultural resource for
the community.


ANUDAN FOUNDATION has been nurtured like a baby, discharging his moral and social responsibilities as Patron in the true spirit of the words of Mahatma Gandhi. By dint of hard work, unshakeable commitment and love for humanity, the Foundation has steadfastly pursued its avowed objectives and has moved forward in leaps and bounds in fulfilling the aims for which the Foundation was originally set up. Believing in the adage “Every single paisa of the Foundation is God’s money”.


We are producers of series, mini-series and TV films that enthral audiences.Our keywords are Emotion, Suspense and Empathy,Romance,Comedy,Cultural. Our Objective is our Viewer’s Addiction.We aspire not to remodel Television but to make it an even more beautiful media, by providing ourselves with the means to meet this ambition. That is what Nalanda Television is all about.